Thursday, June 13, 2013

Project: White House Black Shutters and Red Door!

I have mentioned before that Jeff and I have been in our house for almost 6 years.... (we moved in on Halloween day of 2007, lol, my favorite holiday!!) and while we have been slowly getting the inside to reflect our personalities, the outside is still the same sad color of mustard yellow with red shutters. Since day one I have wanted to paint it!! For a while I was leaning towards a very modern gray color but I just wasn't sure, something was holding me back. Well, since taking Caiden back and forth to work through a very beautiful neighborhood daily, I saw the color scheme that I absolutely love..... white house, black shutters and a red door.... a totally classic color for a vintage loving gal, it now totally makes sense to me.
Jeff surprised me with this house on our wedding day, we had been living in an apartment for years. To say I was surprised is an understatement. It was the sweetest thing the man had ever done, and how he kept it a secret is beyond me. It is 6 blocks away from my ex husbands house, so my son could ride his bike back and forth to each house and be around his friends. We are in a great community and excellent school district! It's really been a wonderful place to raise Caiden and give him memories and family traditions that he can pass on to his own family someday.
Here are the only pictures I have of the outside of our house (I'm not sure why that is???). Sorry for the terrible photos. They are scanned copies of the print out Jeff gave me when he surprised me at the church! (Pictures taken by the previous homeowner.) We have changed some of the landscaping a bit. The development we live in was started in the 1970's and our home was built in 1978. It is a raised ranch style house and totally devoid of character, not the style of house I would have picked out, but it is not our forever home either, and the fact that Jeff totally surprised me with it alone make me love it!! I am enjoying myself with the decorating and DIYing that comes along with home ownership. :)

We are a corner house with a large side yard and front yard.

Large backyard with pool, 4 season room, 2 story deck and patio. We didn't want the hot tub so the previous homeowners took it with them.

Close up of deck area, we want to strip the paint (that is now sun damaged) and stain the deck and possibly replace the railings, but we are not sure on that one.
So here are some examples of homes I found on Pinterest with the colors I am dreaming of now!! It just screams classic, traditional, americana.... all things I love!

All beautiful houses.
 This picture gives me a glimpse of what it would look like painted white. I will add character to this house if it kills me!!
I think we will start painting in the spring, once some of our flower beds have gone to sleep and a tree on our side yard loses it's leaves. I am very excited to get started on the BIG project of painting, but at least there are a few little projects to do now that will add to the beautiful exterior I imagined! :)
I will keep you updated along the way!



  1. Oooh, I've long admired this classic colour combo for home exteriors, too. It's not one you see often in Canada (especially outside of Eastern Canada, where there are more older 18th and 19th century homes than in Western Canada), but I've fallen hard for it over the years in decor magazines, books and blogs. My husband is a fan, too, so who knows, perhaps one day we'll paint an abode of our own in this same timeless palette, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What a lovely home. I really do agree that having black custom shutters for a house that is white colored really match. Those pictures are really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jeff is a sweet guy, indeed. You're such a lucky woman, Lorie. :) Anyway, these photos of houses are fantastic. It's good you've thought about adding some black shutters to add detail to the home. Keep posting, by the way. Enjoyed reading this post.